Companies desperate to get you to buy another obsolete Putter? How about some Wisdom on the subject…

From “My Life & Work” by Henry Ford

“It is considered good manufacturing practice, and not bad ethics, occasionally to change designs so that old models will become obsolete and new ones will have to be bought… that the object of business ought to be to get people to buy frequently and that it is bad business to try to make anything that will last forever, because when once a man is sold he will not buy again.”

“Our principle of business is precisely to the contrary. We cannot conceive how to serve the consumer unless we make for him something that, as far as we can provide, will last forever… It does not please us to have a buyer’s car wear out or become obsolete. We want the man who buys one of our products never to have to buy another.”

Other Putter Companies have repeatedly sold you one putter after another under the guise of “improved” design features (inserts, grooves, sightlines, weights, lofts, face features, or any of the number of other gimmicks that actually make you putt worse) that their Marketing gurus imagine will stoke your interest once more… and… Fool You Again into Buying! How many Scotty Xerox knockoffs of other designs with one more gimmick added do you need in your closets?

We designed the Black Swan & Black Hawk to be the last Putter you’ll ever need to buy… if you care about making Putts. It’s so much better than any other putter, that all other models are completely obsolete.

Thanks, Mr. Ford.

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