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Long ago, I was fortunate to know a great PGA Professional, David Tomczak, and when looking for Professional opinion about the Putter after testing it for over four months, David was the first Professional I approached to “get a reality check”.

In fact, when standing on his Putting Green at Duran Golf Club in Viera, Florida  www.durangolf.com  (David is General Manager), David asked me “what are you going to call it?” That’s the day it got it’s moniker… “the Black Swan”. Not because it was black, with a goose-neck looking tang in the back… but because David said three things about the putter… “This will change the Game of Golf”“Surprising that nobody pays much attention to Putter Lie angle” … and … “You know, after Putting with it, this is so obviously the way to go”. It brought to mind the theory of Black Swan events. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_swan_theory

Unpredicted… Changes the Game… Obvious after the Fact… A “Black Swan”.

David was surprised about the great roll the Putter put on the ball… as he hit 30 footers up the hill, ball after ball either went in, or stopped right behind the hole. That’s when I tried something I never did before… I asked David to close his eyes, and wait 10 seconds, then strike the putt. I bent down, moved the ball from the sweet spot to the extreme toe of the putter, and then told David to go ahead and hit the putt. It lipped out on the right side of the cup. David opened his eyes, and said… “it felt a little different, but looks like it rolled exactly the same!” … I knew then how to demonstrate the Putter… hitting putts off the extreme heel and toe, and topping them, as well as hitting the center of the face. It’s shocking to watch a 90 footer go in off the toe or heel, but we do it multiple times every day.

David stuck the Putter in his bag, and tested it for a week. When I went back, he told me all the ways the putter helped his game. He invited me out to play 9 holes, and we used the putter… on each hole he commented on a different aspect of how Golfer’s would react to the Putter, and it’s potential to change a Golfer’s psychology… basically, 30 footers now become makeable at a high frequency.

David even put our Putters on the cover of the scorecard at Duran Golf Club. (see click link above)

Our thanks to a great PGA Professional, Mr. David Tomczak, for all his support in introducing our Putters to Golfers in Brevard County, Florida.

Go see David, and his Head Golf Professional, Matt Morrison, PGA, at Duran Golf Club in Viera, Florida, for a personalized introduction to the breakthrough performance Putters. Matt & David will help you “Putt Like a Tour Pro”.

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