These are representative of the reactions of Tour Professionals, when they first experience the Black Hawk or Black Swan Putters… all exact quotes.

“It’s so good, we should be paying you for it.” (we don’t pay players to use it)

“You simply can’t hit a bad putt with it.”

“Putts seem to break less…”

“Unreal on breaking putts.”

“Best Roll I’ve ever seen on a putt.”

“By far, the best…” (tested roll against many other putters)

“Do you know what this putter does? It makes my Stroke Better!”

“It’s 80% better than any Putter if it’s fit right, and 60% better if it’s not fit right.”

“I had 16 straight rounds in competition where I made a putt over 20 feet.”

“I’ve given up a ($ six figures) contract to use this… for free.”

“Why didn’t anybody think of this before?”

“Amazing Distance Control.”

“Feels like I should be making 80 footers with it.”

“Amateurs should all get this… you’ll sell millions.”

“Goes right where I aim it every time.”

“Every Putt is right on the Line intended.”

“OK… so it’s incredibly good on long putts… what about short ones?” (This was asked of one tour pro of another… the answer?) “Better!”

“I didn’t want your putter to win… but it sure did.”

“Gotta hand it to you man, this thing is incredible.”

“You’ve got a great product here.”

“This will really help all golfers.”

Regarding our instructional help…

“So solid this putter is… and this grip change really works.”

“It makes total sense. Not just the putter, but the rest of it too.”

“I’ve been to Pelz, and Cameron Studio, and I’ve never learned any of this. They don’t know it.”

“You just taught me more truth about putting in half-an-hour, than I’ve ever heard.”

And this on the Putting 2.0 lesson, from Charlie Rymer

“Thanks so much for coming over yesterday. You made quite an impression on Charlie. I love your “bedside manner.” The confidence you exude in your putter design and method is contagious. We can’t wait to get our hands on those putters. And please let us drive over to see you next time. I look forward to seeing you again soon.”
And this… by two of the best putters of all time…
“We tested in the lab this morning before you got here… we tried every putter in the rack, plus your Black Hawk & Black Swan… your putters’ roll data was all by far and away better than any other putter we tested. They couldn’t believe it. But it’s true. Their own machine proved it.”
And what do they think of other putters after putting with Black Hawk or Black Swan…
“It’s like putting with a shaft! No head on it!”

“You’ve ruined my XXXXXXXX”

“This looks so funny… my old putter is too tiny… and the ball is too huge.”

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