We say it clear… You Will Putt Better with the Black Hawk, or Black Swan Putters, than You will with any other Putter, and better than You ever have Putted in Your Life, during the very first Putting 2.0 Lesson that we provide. Guaranteed.

In fact… We also Guarantee, that after You take the Putting 2.0 Lesson, and Putt with Our Putters, that You will clearly state to us that the Putter, and the Lesson, are the best two things to happen to Your Golf Game… Ever.

If the Putter & Lesson completely delights You, so much that You want to tell Your friends about us, then we’ve done our job. If not, we don’t want you even the slightest bit disappointed.

That’s why… if at the end of Your first lesson, you aren’t absolutely delighted, we offer to take the Putter back, on the spot.

Performance… Guaranteed.

Nobody else gives You what we do. One Putts. It’s not just our web address… it’s what we provide.

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