Often, when searching for an answer to a problem… I’ll go back and browse my copies of books written by those whose genius I respect the most. One of those books is Henry Ford’s “My Life & Work”. It’s a wonderful look at the thinking that probably did more to create a Middle Class of Working Men in this country, than anything else… all while providing Americans with low cost reliable transportation. My Grandfather was a Toolmaker for “Mr. Ford”, and taught me much as a boy, as did my Father, who taught me to be a Design Engineer.

Ford’s successes were built upon the basic truths all Manufacturer’s should understand and live by… Creation of Value, Serving the Customer, Rewarding Workers, Simplifying & Improving the Processes, Designing for Quality & Performance, Elimination of Waste.

For the coming year, 2013, I thought perhaps to Simplify and make more Robust my “work”. What is that work? Making You the Best Putter You’ve Ever Been. When I do that, I create a Friend, and perhaps… an Advocate of What We Teach… Putting 2.0.

I’m traveling a lot now… and will be available in quite a few regions this winter… North & South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Now… there are 26 million of you out there… and just one of me. I can’t design a Time Machine… so I need to leverage the process.

I’ve committed the rest of “My Life & Work” to raising funds for a cause I’ve been guided to embrace. I’ll do so in the way I think is best… on Putting Greens… One to One. If you’d like to be One who experiences this incredible feeling of finally Making Putts at a frequency greater even than Touring Pros, contact me and ask for the chance to experience it now.

Here’s what I’m offering for all who request it until the end of 2012…

Order a Black Hawk or Black Swan… meet me at any of the Putting Greens I’ll be on this winter (Pinehurst, Myrtle Beach, Atlanta, Orlando, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Hilton Head, Columbia, Charleston, Wilmington, Savannah, West Palm, Boca Raton, Naples, Tampa, or Ocala), and not only will you receive the Putting Lesson (from me personally) that helps You Putt Like a Tour Pro, but receive Golf & Putting Lessons for a Lifetime. How? Register as one of our Putting 2.0 Advocates.

Each time you refer a friend of yours to what it’s like to Putt Like a Tour Pro, and they also put the Black Hawk or Black Swan in their bag, you’ll receive a $30 Certificate for a PGA Golf Lesson, that you can take to the Professional of your choice… accumulate as many Certificates as you wish, there’s no limit. You can take any type of Lesson you wish… Driving for Distance & Accuracy, Iron play, Wedge & Bunker, or Putting (you may take the added Putting Lessons from me anytime). We’ll also send one to the Friend You refer to us. You both can enjoy improving your game in 2013.

After taking the Lesson from a PGA Professional, show them how you Putt with the Black Hawk or Black Swan. If they decide to place the Putters in their bag, and Golf Shop, we’ll send you Two more Certificates.

We want You to Enjoy Putting, and the rest of Your Golf Game too. Here’s to Your 2013 Golf Season… the Best You’ve Ever Had.

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