One of the interesting things we learned early on, in test-marketing the Putters, was that Golfers actually played more once they put the Black Hawk or Black Swan Putter in their golf bag. It was a shock early on, but then as time went on, it made perfect sense. After all, if you’re making more Putts than ever before, why not play more?

The National Golf Foundation did some research, and learned that 87% of Golfers would play more, provided one thing happened… that they played better.

Sounds like simple common sense to me.

We’ve done some research on the subject of playing better… and can state with certainty the following…

99%+ of those that take a Putting 2.0 Lesson from me, with the Black Hawk or Black Swan, Putt Better than previously with their old favorite putter. We’ve had no failures, if the Golfer actually applies the simple techniques we teach. It’s not difficult. In fact, because of the tool (Putter) that we provide, you really can’t help but improve.

Perhaps that’s why, last year, a three-time Major Champion & Hall of Fame inductee said to me the best comment I heard about the Putter on the green in the last two years. When he asked me… “David, do you know what this Putter does?”, and I answered “… tell me”, he replied… “It Makes My Stroke Better!”.

It’ll make your Stroke Better, too. That’s especially good, as you’ll be playing more… because you’ll be making more putts. Sure sounds like a virtuous circle, doesn’t it?

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