I had the pleasure of meeting a terrific PGA Professional who attended our Putting Science Presentation last winter. He was naturally skeptical, and as he’s an elite professional on Ping’s Staff, getting him to even try our putters was an accomplishment. I left him a Demo, and gave him time to decide for himself.

Two weeks later, I received a very complimentary email… to summarize, he tested in a number of ways, and the Black Hawk “…flat out performs every time”.

He invited me to his facility, he said he’d been trying to “break your putter” … and then pulled out the iPhone cradle… I cringed. It only measures stroke stability and face repeatability, and doesn’t measure what we do so well… Perfect Geometry, Better Aim, Most Consistent Strike, and Best Possible Roll Dynamics.

“David, I told you I was trying to break your putter, and I did…” Now I know I’m in trouble… as he’s smiling as he says this. “I made my best 5 strokes with my Ping… and I just swung yours!” Uh-Oh.

“Here’s my Putting Index… I’m a Zero-point-One with my Ping (0.1 index)”.

Now I’m waiting for the bad news…

“And here’s me with your Black Hawk… I’m a Plus Two-point-Seven (+2.7)… I’m 2.8 index strokes better with your putter. Congratulations. You’re the next Karsten.”

We’ve tested with several Professionals (including Tour Professionals) since with the iPhone app. We’re always between 2 and 4 index strokes better… just in stroke stability alone.

Thanks to the guys in AZ for creating the app that proves to Ping guys what basic physics does. It makes my job easier… especially with Ping Staffers.

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