What is the Core Function of the PGA Professional? Simple. To Make Golf a Better Game.

When the first Golf Professionals were imported from Scotland to American Country Clubs, they came to help the early and enthusiastic practicioners of the Ancient Scottish Game. They built the clubs, fashioned the balls, designed the courses, supervised the maintenance, and most importantly… taught the members.

From Haskell balls that replaced the Gutties molded in the back rooms of primitive Golf Shops, to the early persimmon woods with the first steel tubular shafts, to the graphite shafted modern 460cc drivers of today, Golf Professionals have embraced technological developments that help their members play better. Though the nature of Golf has changed significantly through the decades, one thing remains the same, or should… Golf Professionals help Golfers enjoy Golf more.

Consider now… a development that allows all of your members to experience the most important part of Golf… Putting… at the level of a Tour Professional. All of them… I’m not kidding… can easily Putt Like a Tour Pro. Why do I make such an outrageous claim? Because I do it every day… in fact, have been for nearly two years now. Better yet… YOU, the PGA Professional, has a key role in helping it happen.

Best of all? It works every time.

I’ll give you two examples of my recent activity. An elite Private Club in the Mid-South hosted me on their green recently, and 24 of their members came to the Putting Green to experience Putting 2.0. The result? Sixteen Golfers of the twenty-four immediately placed the Black Hawk or Black Swan in their golf bag. One member actually made his first 5 thirty footers… no joke. He steps up on the green, asks me… “is this for real?”… and cups five straight. He looks at me, and all I can do is smile. Except for going to the grocery store, it’s hard for me to think of any other example where 2/3rds of the persons exposed to something new actually buy it on the spot.

I then visited a great facility in North Carolina. It was cold, wet, and windy, but 18 hardy souls came out to learn that they too could make putts at extreme frequencies. The Director of Golf, who has been suffering from yips for 28 years (and was using a long putter he got from Orville Moody long ago), actually rid himself of yips in less than 5 minutes on that cold wet morning. With our standard length Black Swan. His members didn’t want to stop putting… from 8 am to 5 pm, they stayed on the green. We’ve placed 11 Putters in those bags so far, with more of the 18 waiting for my return trip. The Teaching Professional, a two-time Irish PGA Champion, immediately took to the Putters also, and put on demonstrations for the members on the green himself, making everything he putted. Of course, a few hours before, he too, was a hard skeptic.

So… if you are a PGA Professional, interested in getting your members excited about Golf again, and having a key role in the process, contact us. Invite me to your Putting Green, send out an email to your members, and watch the magic happen. You’ll stick the Putter in your bag, your members bags, and give them the Lessons we provide to all who embrace Putting 2.0.

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