My wife and I have dedicated the rest of our lives to helping solve the parent’s nightmare that is Childhood Osteosarcoma (Primary Bone Cancer). In fact, the only reason that the Black Hawk & Black Swan Putters are available for sale, and that Orion Golf even exists, (instead of my having the Putters as my own personal “secret weapon” to play tournament golf again), is this Cause.

Our own child, an Angel, was given a “miracle”. We intend to do all possible to leverage this miracle, plus what God gave me via the circumstances and inspiration that led to the creation of the Putters, for the cause we’ve embraced. We think we know how we can help, and will do our best to get real results.

“Miracles for Angels” is the tangible representation of this quest. It will seek to support the search for an early diagnosis of Osteosarcoma risk in children, to enable more of them to be survivors of this horrible curse. Few victims are able to survive to adulthood today. It’s a brutal disease, and when faced with it, the parents feel incredibly helpless. We want to create hope instead.

On a putting green in South Carolina, a wonderful person, a loving mother to her own miracle, and a PhD working in Medical Research walked up to me, and told me of her admiration for our mission. She also told me of her own personal family heartbreak, and it’s incredible outcome. When she offered to serve (said she’d be “honored to”) on the Advisory Board of “Miracles”, I answered… “We need an Executive Director. I’m not in the medical world, I’m just an engineer… I need someone to properly manage what we’re trying to do.” To my overwhelming joy and relief, she not only accepted, but pitched in immediately to help us move this mission forward. This outstanding person inspires me to work even harder than previously, on creating the means for this mission. I’m very grateful.

When the time is right (soon!), we’ll be posting details of Miracles for Angels on it’s own website. Until then, all of your prayers for our mission are gratefully received. We need them.

Thank you for listening.


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