Breaking Putts… the More the Break, the Tougher to Make.

Unless you’re using a Black Hawk or Black Swan.

You see, the reason you can’t make breaking putts very well with any other putter, is that You Can’t Out-Guess Your Miss.

Everybody mis-strikes their putts. Even Tour Professionals miss the sweet spot more often than they hit it, on other or traditional putters.

What happens on a mis-strike of a breaking putt? The ball takes a different roll… line and speed, than intended.

For example, you’ll strike your putts ‘low-heel’ or ‘low-toe’. The ball paths of these strikes will diverge on a breaking putt, and your speed won’t match your intended, due to inefficient momentum transfer. Of course, occasionally you will strike the CG (sweet spot), and you’ll just blow it through the break on the high side of the hole. Frustrating!

With the Black Hawk or Black Swan, your small (and very normal) mis-strikes will roll exactly the same as your CG hits. The result? Breaking putts track the same intended line and speed, every time. This equals MORE breaking putts made.

In tests, we routinely see players making 2x, 3x, 4x or more breaking putts with our putters, than their own. To learn about an extreme example of this (14-0!), see the post You Can’t Out-Guess Your Miss

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