Had a fairly typical Day at the incredible Myrtle Beach National Golf Club, Tuesday. On the Putting Green from 9 am to 6 pm… enjoying helping about a dozen Golfers Make More Putts than Tour Pros. Just a sampling…

Five Golfers, all retired Military (thank you, gentlemen), came to watch a friend of theirs Putt with the Black Hawk. I told the Gent that he would be making 3 in a row from 20+ feet within minutes. As they all expressed astonishment, and said that nobody could make that many Putts, I volunteered to hit five 100+ foot Putts across the green, and make at least one. Tough Putt, because it was over a ridge, breaking right. Should have seen the looks on their faces when the first ball went in. Roars of astonishment… followed by “Magnets under the hole!”. All you can do is smile. The Gent? Yes, he made three in a row… twice.

A Senior Lady from North Carolina who had never hit a Golf Shot, or even a Putt, in her entire life, was convinced by her sweetheart to go ahead and hit a few Putts with a Black Hawk. What did she do? Well, she rolled in her first two Putts ever struck… from over 24 feet. She looked over at her astonished companion, and said… “This is easy!” Her companion then couldn’t wait to take the lesson.

A Senior Gentleman from Granbury, Texas, retired Military, took a condensed two-minute Putting 2.0 Lesson from me… and promptly proceeded to cup 7 out of 10… from 24 feet. That’s about 6x the Tour average at that distance.

Four Gents from the Knoxville region all came and learned a bit too. When one of them hit his first dozen attempts with the Black Hawk, he made four. His next dozen? Five. Their tee-time stopped that session, before he could make six… or more.

Another Senior Gentleman from New Jersey, with significant injuries and disability (surgeries on shoulder, spine, and hands), came and tried the Future of Putting. After a short orientation period, he holed 11 out of 36 from the same 24 feet. Lest you think the green was easy to putt, the grain had already become a strong factor late in the day when he putted. Thrilled with what for him was just “off the charts” Putting, he talked Putting for over an hour while stroking pure rolls into the cup. When I asked him repeatedly about fatigue, he said it was so easy and fun, he didn’t care about the pain.

A Senior Lady Golfer, 4 handicap, from Maryland, a Mathematics Teacher and Eight-Time US Army Champion, and Six-Time Inter-Service Champion, was complaining that she was having trouble getting her Rossa TaylorMade Spider Putter to hit putts “on-line”. I explained to her why… the faulty Putter Geometry of her TM was the root cause. She agreed to a short lesson… so we started by letting her test making a 24 footer with her putter, and no help from me. She missed all 12 attempts. Then, after a short lesson, she made 7 out of 9 using the Black Hawk. When she expressed astonishment that this was so impossible (math is her specialty, remember), and said she didn’t believe that a Putter and a Lesson could be the combination of success that it clearly was, I had her hit another dozen with her putter. When none went in, the light bulb went on. The next half-hour was very illuminating… and a lot of fun.

Just another day… at my office.

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