Process is what engineers who work hard to improve quality focus on. Results take care of themselves, if the Process is correct, repeatable, and robust.

We counsel Golfers to think in terms of their entire careers, or at least a whole season, instead of focusing on the immediate “make or miss” anxiety of any one putt. There is good reason for that, even if that make or miss is critical to their year, or career.

Imagine you are an 17 year old high school golfing phenom… you would be facing something like 90,000 first putts in competition for the rest of your career, should you play a full slate of amateur, collegiate, professional, and senior competition. 90,000 putts. That’s a lot of “makes or misses” to sweat over. Make any particular one that you would otherwise miss, or vice-versa, it affects your overall scoring average by 0.000011 strokes… not much.

But improve your putting process, and make percentages, and watch the windfall pile up. Make just an extra 1% of those putts, and gain 900 strokes over a career. Now that is something worth thinking about, and gearing your strategy toward.

How, exactly, do you make more putts? Simple. Use a Better Tool, and a Better Technique. We provide both. Put the Black Hawk or Black Swan in your hands, and take our Putting Lesson. We can promise you thousands of added “makes” over the course of your career, if you’re willing to Focus on Process. Even if you’re not quite 17 any more.

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