My name is Connor Lewis and I am your Johnny Appleseed in Iowa. I purchased the Black Swan putter from Michael Collins and have only had the opportunity to putt with it a few times since I bought it (I live in Iowa). I heard about your putters through my father-in-law who has a friend in Florida who called to tell him about the Black Swan and how he started dropping 20 footers. My father-in-law came to me because I have a knack for tracking things down. It wasn’t easy but within 15 minutes I came across the PDF file on your technology. As a golf techno geek, the numbers and the science made sense so I decided I would purchase one and test it out.

This afternoon I took the Black Swan to my country club where we have an indoor practice green. I made my first 9 putts from 12 feet and at that time I was joined by two of our assistant pros, Brian (who you spoke to) and Matt. I putted ball after ball and they just kept falling into the cup…we were all just laughing. Then Brian started putting with it and I believe he went 9 for 10…then Chris and he went 8 for 10. All of the misses were lip outs.

Within 15 minutes Brian and Chris were on the phone calling you to see if they could get your putter. I have since called a couple of buddies to tell them about your putter, and all are equally interested. Our head professional, Larry Gladson is in Florida and Brian called to tell him about your putter.

I am not sure what your plan is as far as expansion from the Florida market, but I am hoping that our club will be one of your first out of Florida sales operations. To be honest I can’t imagine our head pro saying no. Our club is home to Zach Johnson so we do carry a lot of Titleist Scotty Cameron and SeeMore putters, but this putter far exceeds any results I have seen from those two putter makers.

Yours in Golf,   Connor T. Lewis

And this was a follow up…


I love the putter. I am 45 holes into my golf season and over those 45 holes I am +5. Last Friday was a perfect example of how your putter has helped my game. I played Sunnyside Country Club in Waterloo, IA. It was only my second time playing the course, so I am hardly familiar with it and yet I shot an even par 72 aided by your putter. Whenever the pressure mounted and I needed a putt the ball seemed to fall whether it was a 10 footer or a 5 footer each putt seemed to find the bottom of the cup.

Here is the biggest difference as I see it. Your putter produces a truer roll more often than any putter I have ever used. I have tested your putter against my other high end putters and it just rolls the ball better. For example I set up a 20 foot test putt and then marked 20 balls with three parallel lines so I could see the roll. I struck 20 putts with my Cameron and 20 putts with the Black Swan. With the Cameron I had a true roll (where the 3 lines stayed true) 4 out of 20 putts. With the Black Swan I had a true roll 16 out of 20. In my mind thats 12 putts that have a better chance of finding the bottom of the cup. I can’t reproduce those results with any other putter be that a long putter or a belly putter.

You can use any of my feedback on your website because I tell everyone I meet about your putter. I haven’t spoke to the club about whether they would stock your putters, but I am sure they would. Both of our assistant pros have putted with mine and want one and we have two high school golfers who have used it and have mentioned they want one and one is off to play golf at Butler next Fall….


And then this…

Played PGA West yesterday and while I was a little disappointed in my score, a 79…the Black Swan drained everything in sight. I was playing with my brother in law and a buddy and they were joking about how big it was at the beginning of the round and by the end of the round my buddy was asking me where he could buy one. Today and tomorrow I am at Disneyland with my kids so I let him borrow my putter for the next two days. The putter is clutch…5 footers are no sweat I am not sure if I have missed a putt inside 10 feet in 3 rounds.

Yours in golf, Connor

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