Skepticism. It’s healthy. Engineers are usually the most skeptical… except maybe… Golf Professionals!

Hey, I was skeptical too… of the results. When I started out testing prototype #1, I had no intention of ever putting this in anyone’s hands but mine. It was a personal project, to make me a tolerable putter, so that I could compete again, as 30 years ago my putting (lack of) forced me into a life-long engineering career. But after 4 months of putting so good (in secret) that the results just had me amazed daily, my over-abundant healthy skepticism turned into something else. Immense confidence with a putter in my hands, for the first time ever. Increasing your make % by 50%+ will do that to you.

The interesting thing is though, the more skeptical the player is BEFORE he hits putts with the Black Swan or Black Hawk, the more likely he becomes an “apostle” afterward.

At an early test market site, the Men’s Club Champion was a very good player (ex-pro, reinstated amateur) who not only didn’t try the putter for over two months, but actually was a bit… how do I say this gently… hyper-critical?

After several months, I was at the club one day, fitting a 70-something senior lady player, and watching her roll in four 14-footers in a row in the first minute. She dropped the putter, and called to her husband “Hey Bill, come see this putter!”. I turned around, and instead of noticing “Bill”, I saw this Club Champion (“J”) draining a 30 footer on the 4th green. With, what was unmistakeable at that distance, a Black Swan.

I thought, that can’t be “J”, he’d never touch my putter… but when he drove by in his cart, he waved and said… “Hi Dave!”

Now, he’d never said Hi, or Dave, or smiled at me in several months. Something happened. So I waited for him to finish the round, and find out what was up.

“J” came into the club after the round, and was eating lunch. Here’s what came next…

“Hi “J”… did I see right, did you make a long putt on #4?”

“Yeah, I’m making like five long putts every day…”

“Did I see wrong, or were you actually using a Black Swan?”

“Yeah David, it’s your putter… it’s the greatest club in history. I make a bunch of long putts, every putt is the right speed, I never three putt, in fact, I can’t hit a bad putt with it.”

“Wow… thanks “J”… but what happened, I don’t get it… you said you’d never even try the putter?”

“Hey, I got tired of looking at the other three golfers in the foursome making all their putts with it. So I tried it one night on the practice green after everybody left, and I made everything. I stuck it in my bag the next day.”


Then I found out, he’s taken a bunch of my cards from the local pro, and hands them out to players he plays tournaments with, when they ask “how to get one”. I know, because I keep getting calls… “Hey, I played with this guy, and he made everything…”

Saul to Paul.

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