Sometimes, an Ingenious Design Solution trumps all the gobbledygook that passes for commonly believed, or marketing driven “popular-scientific” (Pop-Science) “fact”. Lots of companies and gurus out there touting their so-called “solutions” for poor putting performance. Do they work? No. Why? Because they overlooked the root of success… truly effective Tool Design. The Putter is your Tool. Until now, it’s been poorly designed, and we prove this, daily.

Thomas Edison believed that Genius was 1% Inspiration and 99% perspiration. Well, nobody sweats the details like a Tool Designer. Henry Ford knew that his elite workers were best employed as the Tool Designers and Tool Makers… why? Because if the Tooling was ingenious, capable, effective, and efficient, his workers would be also.

It’s the same in Putting. Give a great putter a poorly designed putter, and he putts worse than otherwise. I’m here to tell you today, that not one single putter built, with the exception of the Black Hawk & Black Swan, was designed with the sole purpose of MAKING PUTTS.

I am, at my basic core, a Tool Designer. Our “work”, as Tool Designers … has to work. Nobody rates Tooling primarily on it’s “Form” (appearance), they mainly consider it’s “Function”. Likewise, you should judge “What a Putter Should Be” by it’s Function. It should make putts. The Proof Should Be In The Putting!

The requirements of Putting well should be fairly simple to observe. A Putt is a Simple Vector Exercise. If a Putter “makes more putts” by a statistically significant measure over all others, it’s a slam-dunk. Smart guys see this right away. The rest will see this eventually. But it will be undeniable… that better design will Win.

Our’s perform better, proven in actual player testing. Test it for yourself.

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