The simplest, most repeatable, most predictable, and most effective in terms of results, stroke action, is a Pendulum Style Motion.

It’s Repeatable… the brain instantly understands and remembers what a pendulum motion is, and feels like, as well as it’s characteristics.

It’s Predictable… the brain can relate to it’s inherent distance controlling function, and the player can assess the likely outcome in terms of distance control.

It’s Effective… the nature of the motion profile (distance and velocity) lends itself to minimizing errors.

We teach the Pendulum Stroke as a key fundamental to putting well. It’s easy. It’s repeatable. It’s predictable. It’s effective.

It’s the best way to putt.

If you’ll notice, putterhead velocity in a pendulum motion is nearly constant (at max) near impact for many inches on either side, so that timing (ball position, etc.) does not greatly affect distance momentum imparted to the ball on impact. Forced Accelerating stroke? No way. Not unintended Deceleration either.

The Black Hawk & Black Swan putters “want” to swing like a pendulum. Why?

Because they have a very long “radius of gyration”… Galileo’s contribution (1602 AD) to understanding why a pendulum swings effectively.

Our putters also have a higher swingweight than other putters. The weght is placed where it is effective, unlike the designs of so called “heavy” putters, with the weight placed in faulty location under the grip, shortening the effective radius of gyration, and making them fight a pendulum stroke, and feel like swinging a sledgehammer from the wrong end.

You’ll automatically dampen and smooth your stroke velocity profile with our putters. Deceleration and Yips disappear. Distance Control is tightened. Under pressure, your putts will be more consistent.

One World Golf Hall-of Fame member said… “You know what this putter does? It makes my stroke better!”

Galileo would agree. The Proof is in the Putting.

See what a pendulum stroke can do!

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