I’m offering a special once-in-a-lifetime Golf experience, for the first 300 Golfers to help our cause, Childhood Osteosarcoma research.

First… You will receive your own custom fit Black Hawk or Black Swan Putter, that will simply change your outlook on Putting & on Golf… why? Because you will Putt far better than ever before, and enjoy the Game (that you have already invested so much of your time and money in) of Golf more than you ever thought possible, because of your finally making Putt after Putt, Day after Day.

Second… You will have a personal “One-on-One” morning of “Putting 2.0″ Lessons with the Putting Engineer that has shocked the Golf World with the techniques that make all Golfers into Great Putters… want proof? See the video links below for a small example of what the Putter and techniques do. Then ask for examples of Golfers, some like you, or even Top Players, that were astounded by what the new paradigm of Putting means to them. In fact, the Star of Golf Channel terms the Putting Lesson “The Best Lesson in Golf”.

Third… You’ll enjoy a Q&A Lunch with the Designer of the Black Hawk, named by Golf Digest as the #1 Top Equipment Story of 2012. You’ll learn about the Putter, Putting, and the Cause that made him go it alone against the giant equipment companies and Titans of Golf, all of whom privately say one thing about the Putters, yet publicly do things and act far differently when it comes to the business aspects involved. You’ll learn the behind-the-scenes truth of the Golf Industry, and be shocked at the way the Industry does it’s best to keep you buying club after club without actually helping you a bit, and how we work in contrast to simply Make You Better.

Fourth… You’ll have a Playing Lesson round of 18 Holes on one of the Finest Resort Golf Courses in the USA. The Putting Engineer will personally see your Putting in Action, and will help You learn as much as you can absorb about the Strategy, Tactics, & Philosophy of Putting. We are repeatedly told that a round with the Putting Engineer is the best Golf Experience that they’ve ever had. We guarantee you will feel the same.

Fifth… You will receive “Putting 2.0″ Lessons for Life… these 300 Golfers taking advantage of this offer are among the last ones to get this terrific benefit. Imagine having as your own personal Putting Coach the man that not only designed the breakthrough Putters that obsolete all others, but then patiently validated as an engineer the entire Body of Knowledge that makes up “Putting 2.0, the New Paradigm in Putting” (TM). Personal access to all future developments in Putting Technique, including opportunities to be included in events and testing sessions, are included.

Sixth… You will be invited to return to play with the Putting Engineer, as you bring two of your friends or Golf partners to also learn Putting 2.0 and play again 18 holes where your Putting Prowess is further sharpened.

We ask the 300 participants in this program only to make suitable donation to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The rest is absolutely free. We provide it all, at our expense.

If you already have a Putter from us, you too can experience the above. We’ll take back your Putter and give you a brand new one, and we’ll refinish your old Putter for use as a demo in our “St Jude Putting Days”, where we give free Putting Lessons to those that make a donation to SJCRH. Let us know how you enjoy it so far, and we’ll get you Putting even Better… that’s a promise.

Call 407-844-7885, for more details on how to get booked for your “shock of a lifetime” experience. Meanwhile, enjoy some videos that should get you thinking about how good a putter you truly are…


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