Beginning today, I’ll be posting my daily thoughts on Putting, and directing you to information that is timely and relevant to the current issues covered. Hope that this will further the enjoyment of those who have already experienced Putting 2.0, and will help those who wonder what this really is to find a way to experience the Joy for themselves.

The downside is… I won’t be archiving this material for the public. So… to see it, you need to fit it into your daily browse moments. I have some pretty good reasons why… or… if you have a Black Hawk or Black Swan already, you can always have them emailed to you, as a monthly digest that will be tightened up. Just provide me with the details of your purchase if you got the Putter from a PGA Professional… or ask to be included on the mail list for other Putting 2.0 wisdom…

Remember… unless you already have a Black Hawk or Black Swan, this info may not apply completely to your current Putting capabilities. But, we’re happy to help even those who are temporarily cursed with Putters that do not Putt where they Aim, or with Sweet Spots so small not even Tour Pros can hit them.

The link to the Daily is here…  remember… each day the page will change… so view and save, or subscribe.

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