All Putters we sell are Custom Built to Fit the Golfer… no exceptions. You cannot order simply by providing a spec… why? Because your Putter spec you currently use is almost surely a poor fit, to begin with. Even the Tour Player’s specs are usually well off the mark.

We request that you either get fit on the green with a qualified Professional who has been certified in “Putting 2.0“, or that you provide photo per our spec of you in a Putting stance to us direct, and allow us to Fit You per our review. See here for details.

If you buy a Putter from us, Your Putting Performance is what matters to us. Therefor, no sale is completed until you are Putting with a smile on your face.

As Custom product, normally returns are not allowed. That said, if for any reason you are not immediately delighted with your new Black Hawk or Black Swan, call us, and we’ll remedy per our 100% Guarantee policy…

1. If you’re on the green with us, and you don’t Putt Better, we’ll take back the Putter on the spot, and refund your purchase 100% … (Nobody has ever failed to Putt Better, but if it happens, you’re covered).

2. If you’re not on the green with us, call me personally at 1-407-844-7885, and if I can’t get you Putting Better, you may return the Putter for a refund as well.

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