Hello, I’m Ben Brown, PGA, Teaching & Assistant Professional at Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club, in Boca Raton, Florida.

I’d like to tell you a bit about my experiences with the Black Hawk & Black Swan putters… both when putting them in my bag and playing, or helping my members become far better putters.

First, I have to confess, I made fun of the putter a bit when I first saw it. I called it a “Cheeseburger Smasher”. The designer heard about my comment, and put a putter in my bag. I was extremely skeptical… after all, I’d always used conventional putters… I have a putter collection that has been described as “excessive”. I’ve used everything. Of course, I putted about equally bad with all of them.

But, the designer put a Black Hawk putter in my bag and asked me just to play member golf for a week, and see what happens. Sure, I thought. Nothing else ever worked, what did I have to lose. So… with a cheeseburger smasher, how exactly did I putt?

I shot a 61 (-10 under) in just my third round with it… in a tournament. Sixty-One. I had never been below 66 (-6) in my life.

My “birdies per round” have gone from 3 to 5 in tournament play.

I’ve made 7 eagles in 23 tournament rounds this year. I haven’t made 7 eagles in 7 years of combined tournament play. If I hit a par 5 in two, and have an 80 footer, I’m now trying to make it.

I’ve made more prize money in half a year with the Black Hawk than I’d made in the previous 4 entire years combined.

The putter has reinvigorated me to play more golf because the putter makes the game FUN again.

The putter performs so well that is really simplifies the game. The weak part of my game was always my putting. Now that my putting is a strength it has allowed me to relax and hit golf shots and not try to hit perfect golf shot to 2 feet everytime. Knowing that I can hit a safe shot to the middle of the green and still have a great chance to make that putt has really allowed me to eliminate a lot of short-sided bogeys. Which in turn has allowed me to play the best golf of my life so far. I’m excited about Golf like never in my career… I can’t wait to play the next round!

I Qualified for the Florida Open for the first time in 3 tries.  The last two years I shot 73 and 74 to be the alternate in a playoff.  I believe that the putter helped me shave off the at least two shots, and I shot 71 this year to make the Florida Open.
I’ll be posting stories about my Teaching Experiences next. But… if it didn’t perform so superior on the green with me, I would never have been able to make over forty of my members into great putters as well. It does, and it’s exactly what I did. It works every single time. Everyone putts far better.
If you are a PGA Professional, contact the designer at oriongolf@ymail.com, and ask him to help you get excited about your game, your teaching, and your career too.
(website update) Ben made three more eagles (1 putt par 5’s) in the Chapter Championship today, on one of the toughest courses in the country, Jupiter Hills. That makes 10 eagles in 24 tourney rounds. Nice work, Ben.

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