“I hear a lot of comments about the Putter when I show it… usually before they see a putt hit with it, we hear…

“Wow, it’s Big!”

“It’s a Cheeseburger Smasher!”

“It’s a VCR tape!”

“It’s a Brick on a Stick!”

We smile. Right… you guys should work for some Marketing outfit… think of another one.

Then, we ask them to hit putts.

Suddenly… it’s their old putter’s design that they question.

Form should always Follow Function. Any good Industrial Designer knows this.

If you judge a tool by it’s ability to function, you soon see what “beautiful” really is.

As far as we’re concerned, the Black Hawk & the Black Swan are the only two Putters ever made.

Clean. Simple. Functional.

Putters. They make putts.

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