Orion Golf wants you to Putt Like a Tour Pro.

We’re offering a special invitation to learn Putting like never before… based on sound physical and geometric principles, applied with common sense instruction, by a PGA Professional in concert with the Designer of the Black Hawk and Black Swan Putters.

Various locations throughout Florida are available…

Our VIP program includes…

… Introduction to Peak Putting Performance… you will receive a complete introductory orientation and explanation of the Black Hawk & Black Swan putters, what they do, and why, from an Orion Golf “Putting Engineer” (may even be the Designer himself), exactly like the Touring and PGA Professionals receive.

… Preliminary Putting Tests… you will establish your current putting capability, with a battery of tests designed to reveal your strengths and weaknesses, and provide a baseline reference for use throughout the process, and after the program is completed, and you continue to improve at your home course.

… Black Hawk or Black Swan Putter fitting session and custom build… you will be fit for your own putter, by the Putting Engineer, and a custom putter will be produced for you.

… PGA Instruction Session… you will receive instruction from a PGA Professional who is an expert in the applied science of putting… accompanied by an Orion Golf “Putting Engineer”.

… Q&A Lunch with the Putting Engineer… the floor is open for you to ask any questions you would like, and the answers will help you fully grasp what you experience.

… Final Testing… The Proof is in the Putting… you prove our work, in your hands, with putting trials that show your improvement in tangible fashion.

… Round of Golf Playing Lesson with the Designer… you will play 18 holes, and benefit from not only the Designer’s putting knowledge, but supporting observations for the rest of your game as well.

Contact oriongolf@ymail.com for a personalized plan and quotation, including locations and options for lodging & local transport.

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