If you are a fully exempt Tour player on the PGA Tour, the Nationwide Tour, or the Champions Tour, contact our Tour Representative at oriongolf@ymail.com for a personal introduction to the Future of Putting.

Our Tour Player Policy is as follows…

We never pay Tour players to use our products. No exceptions.

We never contract or reward Tour players for public endorsements. If they endorse our product in any way, we thank them, but there is no “quid-pro-quo” or other compensations tied to it… it should just be their honest thoughts. We’re all about doing what is right, with integrity. We always have, and always will, state the obvious, and stick to it… our Putters are far superior, even when the Tour pro testing “wants” the other putter to win… it doesn’t.

… We do not charge fully exempt Tour players for our equipment, expertise, lessons, or time & travel. However… we do ask every Tour player who wants our help, to recognize and donate to our cause, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

If you see a Tour player using our equipment, you should know that he does so because it is so good, that giving up the other company’s money is the choice that they have already made. In fact, as we ask them to make donation to SJCRH, it costs them to use our Putters. To us, that is the highest compliment we could be paid.

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