How good a Putter are You? Do You even know? Does it matter?

If you’re like most people I meet, you’re disappointed with your putting, and don’t truly understand why you can’t putt better, and are just a bit frustrated trying to fix it by buying another “new and improved” putter.

Here’s the cause… and here’s a true solution.

The cause of your “poor” putting is your old putter. The reason that buying another putter doesn’t fix it, is that other putters have the same fundamental defects as what you were using. You might putt better for a short while, but it’s because of blind luck.

The true solution? A Putter that doesn’t have the defects of all others. A Putter that was actually designed to do just one thing. Make More Putts.

Take on the Putting Challenge… find out how good a Putter You actually are. Roll 30 Putts from about 30 feet, with at least one foot of break, with your Putter, and count the makes. Then try the Black Hawk or Black Swan. Compare… repeat.

What you’ll learn is, you’re actually already a good Putter. If you have the correct tool in your hands.

The Black Hawk, and the Black Swan. Enjoy learning about them, at

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