Get ready to be happy on the Putting Green forever. You can Putt Great Now… Guaranteed.

Of the thousand-plus Golfers that have stepped onto a green with me, not one hasn’t come without a healthy dose of skepticism. Some, absolutely certain of the fact that I am some kind of long-putt-making trick-shot trickster that uses hoses on the green the night before, hidden lasers with balls that track the beam, or has embedded magnets under the holes for pulling in steel cored golf balls, or that I can somehow psychologically trick people into making thirty footers in front of others… or other such nonsense. Really hilarious what people come up with, until the nonsense dissolves when THEY start making Putts.

Of course I understand the natural and ingrained tendency toward disbelief of what others called the “Too Good to Be True” Putters… I get it. I don’t blame you. Trust me, when I first did trials with prototype #1 and doubled my makes, I wasn’t just shocked, I tried like crazy to find conditions where this wouldn’t work. I was the first of the skeptics, and I designed the Putters. But objectivity matters to me (should to you too) and there is so much evidence proving what this is I have no doubt of range of results in any future tests. It is what it is, and you know what it is five seconds after making Putts with it. It’s Putting 2.0. It’s the Future of Putting.

But after three years of again and again going through the exact same process, where total skeptics rapidly become shocked and pleased with their own terrific putting, due to what Putting 2.0 and the Putters actually deliver (one-putts), I’m left with one problem that will always need to be solved, and one solution that will always solve it.

They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words, and a video is worth a 1,000 pictures. Enjoy watching what the future of Putting does… here’s a link to my video site, (a classier version than Youtube).

Watched all Seven Videos? Still skeptical? Why? Because it’s not YOU doing the Putting. I get it.

The real problem? Skeptics don’t get on the Green with the Putter. Not enough of me to go around.

The solution? The Putter in their hands.

Well, now’s your chance.

Until now I have never had enough Putters to allow any real opportunity for large numbers of Golfers to try… one of the reasons? The Putter should be fit, and the Golfer deserves a proper fit. Well, we’ve solved those problems… our remote fitting process is a total success, and finally, I’ve been able to build a supply of Putters that will be dedicated to a “Try the Putter” program that is launched today.

Here’s how it works… for the lucky Golfers that request it for a limited time.

You demonstrate your support and belief in the cause we’ve embraced… tackling Childhood Osteosarcoma (Bone Cancer) by making a $100 donation direct to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital (SJCRH), direct on their web-page we’ll provide link to, and we’ll send you a Black Hawk or Black Swan Putter custom fit to you direct. You’ll talk to the Putting Engineer, taking the Putting 2.0 Lesson on the phone. You’ll step onto a Putting Green, and do a series of simple but revealing putting trials, and the data will prove how good a putter you will now be.

You’ll be raving to me on that first post-test phone call how incredible you putted. I’ve heard this over and over again. As to the Lesson, well, the On-Air Star of Golf Channel (ex-Tour Player) called my Putting Lesson “the best 25 minutes in Golf”. He should know, I got him excited about Golf again.

Don’t believe all of it? You will. Once you’ve experienced it all yourself.

If at that point (after you test for yourself) you want to stick the putter in your bag, and receive more of my help in making you a great putter, we’ll credit your $100 donation to SJCRH against the cost of the putter, and provide the discounted invoice for you to complete the process.

If you don’t putt better… just send it back. But you won’t send it back. An army of other ex-skeptics is on my side in that belief.

Here’s more. When you buy the Putter, I’ll reward you with a dozen Gifts for you and your friends. Each one is worth $50 in Putter credit to them, plus a $50 cash reward to you, and another $50 to SJCRH from me, when your friend too puts the Black Hawk or Black Swan in their bag. My thank you for spreading the good news of Putting 2.0.

And here’s more again…

Want my Putting 2.0 lessons for Life? You got it. This alone is truly priceless, as Tour Professionals that have taken my Lessons are stunned… one telling me I should not give it away free, but to charge $10k a day to teach Putting 2.0.

The reason I don’t do what a savvy Tour Player advised me? Well, I’ve dedicated what I provide to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for Bone Cancer Research. So I’m using the Lessons as the key function of what we call “St. Jude Kids Putting Days” (SJKPD), where Golfers make a donation to SJCRH, and in appreciation I (or a PGA Professional) provides them a Putting 2.0 Lesson at no cost.

So here’s more again…

Any Putting 2.0 Advocate (could be you?) that hosts a SJKPD that generates $1,800 or more in donations to SJCRH will receive a new added custom fit to them Black Hawk or Black Swan, so that they would now have and putt great with both, like I do 🙂

I can’t get to all 26 million Golfers. But this process allows any one of them to find out why every one of the Golfers that experienced Putting 2.0 was shocked completely… and repeatedly said things like… “Why didn’t the other companies do this?” or “After using this, All other Putters are Junk”.

This test is a limited offer… lucky Golfers will be able to experience Putting 2.0 on these terms.

Putt Better than Ever. Putt Better than a Tour Pro. End the skepticism… because you’re only hurting yourself by not finding out the Truth in Putting. Email me at to get started, or call 407-844-7885.

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